Karin Raes

karin 300px v2Karin Raes (1963) is the owner of Raes Management Consultancy, a specialized bureau for leadership, talent and organizational development.
Under the name ‘Top Class’ she, along with several colleagues, guides organizations that are serious about diversity at the top.

She is the promotor of a place for leadership with a new approach: FERM-Spirit. With this place, she – along with Olympic Champion Kirsten van der Kolk – offers a home to vital and authentic leadership and vital, socially responsible and sustainable organizations. The insights and experiences derived from this research and the assignments this has led to in the last few years are at the basis of a different view of leadership and organizations.

Her involvement in and curiosity about the subject of this research received an additional boost from the international top career of one of the women in her family. Today, she assists, coaches and trains board members, managers and professionals of (international) companies and organizations in the field of leadership and organizational development, in order to optimize their vitality, diversity and sustainability. Her focus and expertise are on getting people and organizations moving, allowing them to get the best out of themselves and their environment.

Her mix of ‘achiever/challenger’ is at the basis of her passion, energy, decisiveness, resilience and perseverance. Her affinity for essence, the ability to always create safety and confidence and bind people are derived from her hidden ‘survivor’ and ‘merger’ structures. ‘In the development of my (female) leadership, I have learned to use my softer side, while holding back on my energy and decisiveness. And I discovered ‘the art of doing nothing’ in creating movement. In my work as an executive coach, manager, and a promoter of a new place for leadership, I combine my affinity for essence and decisiveness with humour and the ability to bind people. In this way, I get people and organizations moving.’

+31 (0)6 2155 0418 | Email Karin | www.raes-leiderschap.nl

Lieke Thijssen

lieke thijssenLieke Thijssen (1967) is the founder and leader of the Leiderschapshuis. Her focus and passion are leadership development at the interface of personal themes and organizational dynamics. The Leiderschapshuis provides a home for leaders and helps organizations and teams improve and strengthen their leadership and changeability. Her mission is to put some soul into professionalism, to create a balance between masculine and feminine characteristics and, in doing so, contribute to making organizations more intelligent, more human and more result-oriented.

Her perseverance, high energy level and decisiveness enable her to turn new ideas into results. Her background is in educational science, change management and management consulting.

The Leiderschapshuis, which she established in early 2011, was the result of a need to research, develop and teach new forms of leadership that would suit the needs of an innovative and sustainable society. ‘In my role as the leader of the Leiderschapshuis, I experience and learn on a daily basis how I can use my own female leadership to provide both focus and bedding to the group of professionals and leaders in my organization. Using my individuality and personal methods at the interface of soul and professionalism is both a source of inspiration and a goal.’

+31 (0)6 2455 3799 | Email Lieke | www.leiderschapshuis.nl


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